The HAMA Association community is comprised of individual researchers, and martial arts clubs. Here are some members of our global community:


Affiliate Clubs

These are non-member clubs that use the HAMA Association as a resource for their research. Instructors have not been HAMA Association certified but have demonstrated a  high degree of knowledge, experience, and authenticity. 

Guild of the Silent Sword

Austin, TX, USA   american flag

A research organization focused on the traditional African fighting arts with the goal of recovering these lost arts as well continuing the evolution of these arts into the modern times while sharing the rich history and culture of Africa’s past.


nafsi logo

Fresno, CA, USA american flag

A weapons-focused martial arts group that teaches various styles of martial combat from Asia and Africa.


Global Colleagues

These are independent, non-member organizations throughout the world that are globally recognized leaders in their chosen martial art, and serve as living resources for the Historical African Martial Arts Association’s research.


Modern Tahtib Logo

Paris, France france flag and Cairo, Egypt egypt flag

Founded by Dr. Adel Boulad, Modern Tahtib has codified the 5000 year-old Egyptian martial art. This style of Tahtib is based on the traditional art practiced in rural Egypt and displayed in wall reliefs found in the tombs left behind by the ancient Egyptians. 



Mostaganem, Algeria  algeria.png

Cannes Matreg Batons is a provider of lessons in Algerian style Al-Matraig stick fighting as well as a manufacturer of the fighting sticks used for this martial art. 



Olomouc, Czech Republic czech flag

The Takouba Research Society is dedicated to furthering research and knowledge of the takouba, the broadsword of the Sahel. This includes cataloging as many extant examples as possible. Any member of the public can submit their sword and help to build the database of swords publicly viewable.


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