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Join the HAMA Association’s Vice President, Damon “Osa” Cunningham at the Lonnie Young Recreation Centre in Philadelphia, PA USA and spend the day learning about West African warrior culture. The day will begin with a quick presentation on arms and armor. Then the Troupe Da-Da African Dance and Drum Ensemble will lead attendees in performing the Ogun sword dance. Then with sticks, attendees will get the opportunity to work on the practical applications of the day’s lesson, and end with some light sparring. Click here to learn more.


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Fight Like a Pharaoh, Santa Clara, CA, USA September 2018

Modern Tahtib Discovery Workshop. Toronto, ON Canada June 2018

The 2017 Kearny Renaissance Faire. Fresno, CA USA November 2017

 DunDraCon 2017. San Ramon, CA USA, February 2017

 Capoeira Gathering. Ruy Barbosa Brazil, September 2016

East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention. Philadelphia, PA USA, May 2016.












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*Image Credit:  The Connoisseurs by Gyula Tornai (1861-1928)

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